Lee helped me to sort out the cluttered work and storage area of my room. 

Her clarity, vision and support helped me to let go of things I no longer needed. 

I'm very pleased with the results, the transformation was amazing.

I feel lighter and even slept better afterwards. 


Lee has been able to identify solutions to problems I have been unable to tackle by myself. I now look forward to coming home knowing that I will be met with calm order rather than the hideous chaos that I used to tolerate.  

-Katherine Thomas

Having help from Lee to find ways of simplifying home and garden, has helped me to spend less time doing mundane tasks. Lee has the knack of posing questions and statements in such a supportive and non-judgemental way, that she helps me to see possibilities that can free up not only time but also my relationship with the home environment. When things are more organised, life can be less stressful and much more fun. Lee's great sense of humour makes our time together really enjoyable as well as productive. I can thoroughly recommend Lee's support in choosing how to organise your home which can free up time and energy in your life!                  

-Ginny, West Yorkshire