About My Approach

An abundance of Storage solutions are just a click away these days but deciding what to keep or not can be more complicated.

What drives our attachment? Is it sentimental reasons? Or maybe it will be useful one day!

I too have been guilty of the habit of holding on to stuff for all of these reasons but the first thing we must do is let go of this guilt!

The clutter we have in our lives is what we have needed until now!

I offer practical and sympathetic support, listening to what you want from your living space and its contents. Enabling and empowering you with the decluttering process, and facilitating with the disposal, recycling and donating of items. Finally creating the systems and storage solutions so you can live in harmony with your environment.

Fear prevents us from trusting that life will bring us what we need

Our Environment Reflects Our Inner Self

Surrounding ourselves with clutter has the affect of leaving us feeling stuck and living in the past, looking back instead of towards the future.

Constantly moving stuff around can be a reflection of our inner self trying to process and sort out life's challenges.

So the more stuff we can let go of the more space we create physically and emotionally giving us a deeper sense of clarity and allowing us to let in the new and fresh. 

'Things' collect dust and the deeper I travel on my personal yoga journey the more significant this becomes regards our physical well being.

Put simply if our environment is clogged up (and dusty) then this directly affects the air we are breathing in our home - even as we sleep.

Less stuff, less dust = More breath, more life

About Lee

I have had varied life experiences...

In my early twenties I travelled extensively, living out of a backpack for months on end, holding onto nothing that wasn't necessary. It's amazing what isn't important or necessary when faced with having to carry it!

Being in one place however and habits change quickly. Having children brings a whole new collection of items into your home too!

My interests include yoga, painting and gardening, and I enjoy walking the local valley with my lively collie Missy - all these activities come with their specialised equipment, tools, materials and clothing that needs an accessible place within the home.

I have 9 years experience of working in Mental Health which has embedded existing positive attributes working with a Person Centred approach to individuals needs sensitively and without judgement.

I also use these skills in my role as a self employed gardener and cleaner of 15 years and now as a Yoga teacher to enable physical and mental wellbeing.